Thursday, June 20, 2013

Top 5 Words Recruiters Look for in Resumes

As job seekers work to perfect their resume, it’s important for them to know what recruiters are looking for. According to CareerBuilder, there are five keywords most HR managers look for on resumes. If job seekers are able to match their experience with these types of skills and experience, recruiters will be more likely to spend time reading their resumes.

Let’s dive deeper into what these keywords mean and how they will set a job seeker’s resume apart from the rest.

1. Problem solving. Job seekers need to display this strength in their resume because it illustrates their ability to approach challenges and solve them. Whether the job seeker is applying for an entry-level position or the C-suite, problem solving is a skill used by every employee. In order to meet goals and fix problems in the workplace, employees need the ability to solve problems effectively.

2. Leadership. HR managers look for leadership experience on resumes because they want employees who possess skills associated with good leaders. Employees need to be able to demonstrate confidence in decision making, good listening skills, and the ability to be a team leader. Employers expect their employees to take initiative and communicate new ideas to management.

3. Written communication. While this skill is underestimated by many job seekers, this is one of the strongest skills HR managers look for. If an employee can demonstrate strong writing abilities, this will give them a better chance of finding a job. The majority of communication between the employees and management is through writing; therefore, employees must show in their resume they are prepared to communicate with top management.

4. Team building. Team building is what helps a company achieve their goals. When a job seeker displays the ability to work in a team, HR managers will see they are able to collaborate with their co-workers to meet company objectives.

5. Performance and productivity improvement. Job seekers should be able to illustrate throughout their resume how they have contributed to the success of their previous companies. Employers want to know how you can improve upon the success of their company and your ability to increase a company’s performance.

If job seekers can demonstrate these keywords and provide concrete examples with experience, their resumes will stand out among other candidates. Recruiters expect to see these types of skills on resumes, so job seekers must be prepared to share their experiences.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

While some resolutions are meant to correct the past, others are made to mend the future. Ankita Shreeram profiles key HR trends that will pave the way ahead for 2013. on the edge of the December and 2012, Career News banked the issues of upcoming career and recruitment trends and its impact though social media.

"Companies started utilizing social media for branding and hiring.A lot of companies have now established social media guidelines.Customers are more tech-savvy and are exploring their options on-the-go before making a choice and employees too have to match up to this trend,"says HR manager- Courtyard by Marriott Chennai.
"In a number of sectors such as financial services, we have seen a growth in the demand-supply gap as banks increasingly offshore a number of their middle and back office functions to India.This has resulted in a need for a more focused, widespread and an aggressive talent attraction strategy.While traditionally a majority of recruitment was done in-house through referrals, etc, we are seeing more recruitment through offbeat sources and many BFSI organizations have also adopted an RPO model,"suggests MD, Michael Page (India).
"HR departments are now including e-Learning course-ware,consisting of videos, pod-casts and other learning resources,in their L&D mix.The lower cost, and a wider reach with less logistical challenges,of eLearning is forcing a major reshuffle in focus (and budgets) in corporate training,"says founder & director,Technology Solutions, Upside learning.

"An estimated 31 per cent of employers find it difficult to fill positions because of talent shortages in their respective markets/industries. Average attrition rate in India has increased by 25 per cent over the last year.Women employees are less prone to frequent job changes. For every 10 men changing their jobs, there are only two women doing so,"avers partner, KPMG India.
"Most of the corporates are aware that diversity plays a key role considering the increasing number of educated women who are joining the workforce and therefore,it’s no longer a situation where the diversity agenda applies to select large companies or MNCs,but it's equally important and relevant for all organizations. I think awareness levels as well as intent are becoming clearer and HR continues to play a very important role in this regard,"opines Indrajit Chatterjee VP,HR,Nitco Ltd.

SMALL BUSINESSES ADOPT HR TECHNOLOGY"Looking at the rising technology,the small business firms introduced HR technology to their workplace and got rid of the manual methods of scheduling and payroll.It not only saved a lot of their time and money,but also reduced the scope for mistakes to a great extent," says Deepak Kaistha,managing partner, Planman Consulting.
"This is an area, which is gaining foothold and bringing in value. With the resources available to collect and look through a large amount of personal data and those becoming easy,‘Big Data Analytics’ methods help recruiters derive concise insights into the candidates’ competencies based on the insights generated," says CEO and founder of Classle Knowledge Pvt Ltd.

"International banks have struggled this year to manage the duality of information about the organization and its growth/hiring plans within India v/s the news regarding its downsizing globally.This required a number of organizations to relook at the way their employer brand is positioned. Also, in certain areas where sectors have seen a slowdown, smaller domestic firms had the advantage of being able to cherry-pick strong talent,"suggests Tripathi.

"With the Maruti incident that took place in mid-2012, companies are taking a harder look at their IR capability.We have also seen business schools invest in new IR specific courses to help HR professionals in developing a stronger understanding of the complexities of this area," says Tripathi.

Many organizations are observing a transition from the strategic role of HR to a transactional one.'HR outsourcing' as a concept is increasingly gaining steam."For instance, many organizations have globally outsourced more than 80 per cent of their transactional HR activities. At home, many Indian conglomerates are housing most of the transactional HR activities into a separate organization called ‘Shared Services Organization’," says Shermon.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Build Your Recruitment Portal With Odeskclone: A Scriptgiant Product

Odesk clone script is the platform where employers find the right candidates that they are looking for to accomplish their projects. This is the room where job seekers also manage to get their dream project they want to work on. The best customized views, narrative sliding and all manageable screens will make yourself comfortable to filter out the right area you want to work on. For both freshers and experience people, Career News has brought a new concept of earning money by making a job portal.

It comes with following features:
1 Projects are easy to manage and simple to deploy
2 Options for personal inbox and email notifications, edit and monitoring project status.
3 Strategic view of control over all operations via web browser(s)
4 Strong Admin panel for creating new business categories, candidate/user profile management
5 Secure and fast online money transaction
6 Probation to view your history of transaction(s) and communication
7 Provides powerful accounting tools
8 Provides you with online portfolio hosting, personalized marketing tools and a suite of performance tools

It also comes with secure transaction system through payment solutions. The profile making strategies are fully integrated with PayPal,, Another basic advantages include fast services, quick response and easy to get in. It also includes complete control over your performance. For employers, it is no more hazards to choose the right candidate because of the filter. By using categorized browse option one can search for the job domain, quality of the candidates and the efficiency level of their skills.

Viewing candidates profile is completely safe and contacting the golden membership holder is also yet another useful tool that one must check. Firstly because there is no option for middle tier communications like recruitment agencies or middle-man recruitment houses or even any concept of recruitment consultant. And secondly, the directed contact services. Employers can chat with candidates or can send mail directly to the candidates contact mail id once they decide them to call for an interview. This marketplace product has been so popular in these days. A pocket friendly but full bag of features is all set to help your business growth and huge response.

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Friday, November 02, 2012

Logistic Approaches in E-Marketing Services in India

Logistic is a system based approach that is mostly related to the industries which are more dedicated to production management. But industries like web marketing and development are also following this strategic procedure of a logistic system. In strategic management, a product is created, and then it is surveyed and checked its performance and finally enriches high in popularity with its market demand. Career News has found this logistic appraoch quiet useful and effective in digital promotion. Check the five amazing out

Here, in the field of search engine optimization, the main focus is kept on how to get ranked in top position in search engine. Hence, when a visitor searches client's product or services (any industry) over internet through any search engine, it is expected that the client's page should be arrived on the first page. SEO builders give their best to get the top rank in terms of traffic following various promotional methodologies. In India, SEO/SEM companies are best known for providing digital and promotional services in the domain of online internet marketing following logistic approaches.

Giving the Best ROI
ROI is a performance measuring tool by which efficiency of the investment is evaluated. Here, we focus on strategic ROI problem solving services. SEO logistics mostly helps to get top rank by driving high traffic from leading search engines and some other search engines. Irrespective of competitive and crowded industry, this scheme is very useful in PPC and SERPs.

Technical Expertise and Thematic Industry Choice
One can easily spread his/her business at any corner across the globe by availing the services like SEO and SEM. The most usefulness of these kinds of web marketing schemes is consistency and high traffic. The advantage covers a huge response even if the business is a particular industry specific. The rapid growth in industries and internet browsing options opened the door of increasing awareness of your business in steps away, rather than usual printing media and other offline marketing.

Following Strategic Business Policies
A good web servicing company must provide extreme support to their clients and keeps a consistency in communication and understanding their requirements. The company has really good domain expertise team that covers managing the project from scratch to timely delivery. Notifications are also sent to the clients to make them aware of the improvements of their business. Clients are given fully strategy based consultancy keeping the aim of their business enhancement.

Result based commitment
Since improvement of the business could be checked by traffic load, hence from the initial, top and prior search engines are kept in the target. Most of the cases company's profile comes with verbal assurance with guaranteed search engine ranking or refund the money on failure excluding service charges. A SEO/SEM expertise company must commit to its clients with business growth and revenue improvement by its e-marketing online promotional strategies.

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